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What is 404Links.org?

404Links.org aims to enhance the quality of free and open content by periodically scanning submitted pages for broken links. If any broken links are found, the service sends an email report to the submitter.

Which links can be submitted?

Submissions of various types of content, including Wikipedia pages, open-source software documentation, government websites, personal articles*, non-profit websites, and research sources are welcomed

If the page offers publicly accessible and valuable information—without endorsing products or services it's eligible for submission.

How does it work?

Upon submission, all pages undergo thorough checks to ensure compliance with our guidelines. Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email confirmation.

Accepted pages are scanned daily for broken URLs, and you'll be notified if any are found. However,notifications won't be sent for persistently broken links.

Once all broken links are rectified and subsequent scans pass successfully, future failures will trigger email reports. Please note that pages with unresolved issues may undergo scans less frequently.

How do I submit a page?

Simply use the form above to submit your page.

How do I remove a link?

To request link removal, send an email to removal@404links.org from the same address used during submission.

Do I get a notification if the submitted link is no longer accessible?

Yes, you'll receive notifications for inaccessible links. The service continues to monitor, increasing the interval by 3 days for each persistent issue.

Can 404Links scan Single Page Application pages?


Can 404Links scan an entire website


Got questions?

Feel free to reach out at hello@404links.org